How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2019

how to start a blog

This post contains affiliate links to read more about our connection to affiliate links please refer to the disclaimer. Blogging can be a fun hobby. Writing about things I am passionate about and helping others is the main reason I created this blow. However, over the course of this blog, I have already learned so much valuable information. If you have wondered about how to make a blog and earn money, you’re in the right place. I used to read blogging income reports and think to myself that making money from blogging was a scam. Like who the hell makes 100,000 […]

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How Much Money Can You Make Blogging? (Realistically in 2019)

blogging 2019

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links help keep this blog running by providing a small commission if you use our link to sign up for a service. This is no additional cost to you. This is probably the number one question. “How much money do you actually make blogging”. I’m going to break it down for you and explain it. How much money do I make? Now, don’t get me wrong. Blogging can be a really lucrative career, but it isn’t simple. It took me 7 months to see any money at all (approx. $100 per month). It also […]

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Disneyland for Cheap: Top 12 Tips & Tricks [2019 Edition]

Having been to Disneyland with three young kids, there are a lot of tips and tricks I wish I would have known about beforehand. Well lucky for you, I am giving this advice to you ahead of your trip. Let’s get started. Disneyland for Cheap [Family Vacation Tips] 1. Cheap Disneyland Tickets. Disneyland tickets can be extremely pricey. I am not talking bad about the cost because let’s be honest, you are purchasing an invaluable experience. However, there are secrets to saving the most money on your Disney tickets. WORD OF CAUTION: ALWAYS be wary of third-party sellers of “cheap” […]

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Pagosa Springs: Mineral Hot Springs Soaking

This post is NOT sponsored by Pagosa Springs or The Springs Resort and Spa. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Guys, we did a thing. For the first time EVER, Tyler and I went on a “vacation”. I use the quotation because we only went for a day, but it was AMAZING! We were able to soak our bodies in the geothermal waters, drink some delicious adult beverages, and be a couple not just ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. It took us about an hour or so to get to The Springs Resort and Spa. We enjoyed the scenery […]

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6 Reasons You NEED to Be CPR Certified

This post was written by the incredibly talented Abby Drexler of EMC CPR & Safety Training LLC. Although it may seem like only those in the healthcare industry are CPR certified, this training has actually become more common with everyday people. In fact, the American Heart Association estimates that it trains roughly 12 million people this life skill annually. If it’s something you’re considering learning for yourself, you’ll be glad to know that there are many reasons why it’s worth taking the time to do. It’s one piece of training you’ll hold close for the rest of your life. 1. […]

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Discount Membership Hotels Etc. Review: Is It Worth It?

This post is sponsored by Hotels Etc. but as always the opinions are entirely my own. I have wanted to bring you guys this website I found, for a while now. Due to some health issues with my preemie daughter(she is doing much better now) I was unable to complete this post. Now, since things have calmed down and I’ve had the time to really review the site and learn about all the good it can offer, I am here to share it with my readers. Hotels Etc. This website is a discounted membership site. Meaning you pay a yearly […]

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Reading Between The Lines About Why Reading Deserves A Place On Your Homeschool Schedule

This post contains affiliate links. It can be tricky to know what to include when it comes time to planning your homeschool schedule. You may be left chucking some things out for lessons you consider more important. To some extent, this is the joy of teaching your kids yourself. You’re able to pick the lessons which you think are going to prove most fruitful. By cherry picking in this way, you also make sure you aren’t overloading them with unnecessary information. Sadly, reading is one of those lessons which many homeschool moms discard in this way. In many ways, you […]

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Put Your Health Back On Track!

This post contains affiliate links. We all have our moments with our health, and there’s usually a pattern to it. You spend the whole time during the summer, persuading yourself that tomorrow you will definitely go and sign up to the gym. Or you will stop eating all of the bad food you do, and focus solely on dieting and hitting the gym. But getting round to actually doing it is another task altogether, and one that we rarely ever get round to actually doing. It’ll then come to Christmas pretty quickly, and of course you need to allow for […]

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Hayden is 2 Years Old!

nicu reunion

Holy crap. Who said my kids could just keep getting older? On a serious note, Hayden is my 31 week preemie. If you would like to read her traumatic premature birth story you can by clicking here. Lets dive in. Whats New? This little brat is walking, talking full sentences, has a full-blown teenage attitude, and no longer needs her glasses. She is a whopping 24 pounds (which is still small but perfect for her history). We recently found out she LOVES the water. So now this momma is even more nervous around bodies of water. The boys never were […]

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Do You Really Want To Work From Home?

This post may contain affiliate links. Working from home has been a game changer in my families life. For some people, if you asked them if they would like to work from home the answer would be a big fat yes. The dream is that you can work in your pajamas, from your bed or your living room, and just casually be on top of things while having the flexibility to keep other things in your life ticking over such as family commitments and the household. The reality is a little different. While it can be amazing to start your […]

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Spicy Food

This post contains affiliate links. When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, you need to find a way to keep it interesting. When you swap out all of your delicious unhealthy foods for fresh vegetables, you’re going to crave something more delicious and that’s when you’re going to cave and end up breaking your diet. The key to sticking to a diet isn’t just making healthy food, it’s making food that’s healthy but also tastes amazing. Spices are one of the best ways to do that. Indian cuisine is the best place to look for inspiration if you […]

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