How To Cope When Life Gets You Down

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Life has a habit of chucking the occasional curveball our way. While many of us experience incredible highs, most of us also have to contend with lows. At times, these periods of sadness, grief, and distress may seem insufferable, but there are ways of muddling through. Here are some of the most common lows, and some tips to help you cope.


Losing somebody you love is arguably the hardest challenge a human being can face. Whether you have a relative who has been ill for a long time, or a partner or a friend that passes suddenly without prior warning, nothing can really prepare you for the intense emotions bereavement brings. Loss affects us all differently, but most people experience periods of anguish and severe pain interspersed with episodes of numbness, confusion, and anger. If you have lost somebody you loved, take time to heal, and don’t put pressure on yourself. Let your emotions rise to the surface, and be prepared to be open when you feel ready. Talking can help, but often, it takes a long time to get to a point where you feel able to chat. Some people find it helpful to be busy, but don’t suppress your feelings or try and get back to ‘normal’ too quickly. Give yourself as much time as you need to gradually get your head around what has happened. If you’re struggling to cope, don’t hesitate to reach out and seek help. Friends, family members, health professionals and charities that specialize in loss and bereavement can all help.

Relationship downfall

Our relationships with others have a major bearing on our happiness and wellbeing. Positive relationships can increase our confidence and make us feel like we’re top of the world. In contrast, negative relationships can make us feel anxious, worthless, unhappy, and angry. Coping with the breakdown of a relationship is never easy, especially if you’re married or you have children. You probably assumed that you would be with that person forever, and now, you might be feeling lost and helpless. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a breakdown, make sure you have the right people in your corner. Contact a law firm that is well-equipped to provide you with effective divorce representation and surround yourself with friends and family members who can offer emotional support. Give yourself time to recover and process what’s happened, and remember that the sadness you feel now will pass. Time can be a great healer, but you have to be patient.


If you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, or somebody close to you is facing an uncertain future after an accident or an unexpected diagnosis, this can be incredibly distressing. Ask questions, gather information from health professionals, and do everything you can to help yourself or the person affected. Try and maintain a positive mindset, and if somebody else’s illness is affecting you, talk about it. It’s perfectly natural to be upset if a partner or a sibling is struggling, so don’t try and soldier on and keep everything to yourself.

Many of us go through periods in our lives where we have to contend with sadness, grief, and distress. If you’re finding life tough, hopefully, you’ll take some comfort from this article.

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