Embracing An Enhanced You In 2019

There’s nothing more refreshing than a New Year. While you don’t need the promise of the fresh sheet of paper that is the turn of the year to become a better version of yourself, it feels transcendent to use the New Year as a time to change something in your life; it’s a fresh chapter in your own story and it fits in very neatly, doesn’t it?

A big part of transition in the New Year can come from you and what you want for yourself. Identifying these goals and wishes is important, because without them, you don’t have any kind of guide to yourself. Enhancing yourself doesn’t mean that in 2019 you’ll be heading to get any kind of cosmetic surgery, but it does mean that you sit in front of the mirror and think about which parts of your life you want to adjust. Who knows, this could be anything from a change in career to become a beauty product tester and really enjoy your favorite products, to changing your style to become more involved in your own beauty. The biggest change that you can make in 2019 is in yourself, and embracing those changes could change your life entirely. You should put effort into loving yourself and this means taking the time to learn what it is that you want from your own life. Here are some of the biggest goals that you could put into 2019, making it your biggest year yet.

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Be kinder to others.

Ask yourself how you speak to those in the service industry. How often do you call your friends? How often do you make an effort to help others? Being kinder to other people isn’t just about doing people favours, it’s about being there when your advice and support is needed. Take the time to do more of it this year, and you will reap the rewards.

Embrace your own change.

Changing your hairstyle or your makeup look with the best beauty products on the market is like being a chameleon in your own life. Sometimes, you need to enhance the way you look to enhance the way that you feel about yourself and life in general. Make it something you want to embrace and you won’t find it hard to stick to.

Celebrate your successes.

We’re taught to be humble, and a big part of that is not measuring your successes. The thing is, your successes SHOULD be celebrated and shouted to the entire world, so why are you squashing them down? Celebrate the things that you do well and tell the world about it.

Time for you.

You are making time for everyone in your life, for your job, for your home. It’s time to put in the effort and make time for you, too. Sometimes, you have to say no to enhance your life – and it doesn’t make you selfish. Take the time for that skincare routine you keep promising yourself you’d do. Take the time to blowdry.

2019 is all about you. Take it, roll with it, embrace it.

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