Are Your Weight Loss Plans Nutritious Enough?

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We all like to think that the diets we’re on are doing the best for us. Because of this, a lot of the time we don’t realise there’s quite a few risks we can take when it comes to settling on one that seemingly gives us the results we want. Here’s just a few hypothetical situations

-We might not be eating enough at all, and noticing reduced energy and fitness as a result.

-We might be eating too much of something, and becoming slowly deficient in another area.

-We might just be on a diet that’s bad for our body type and lifestyle, and will never really work out for us.

It’s a worrying subject to think about, but we definitely need to focus on it! No matter what kind of diet you’ve chosen to streamline your weightloss goals, you need to be sure it’s still nutritious enough to keep you healthy. So here’s a couple of things to keep in mind about the foods you’re cutting out, and the most common mistakes someone can make when you’re on a diet.

You Don’t Have Enough Variety

Variety in your diet is the one thing that makes sure you’re getting all of the food groups when you need them, and that’s something you should never try to cut out. You eat three meals a day, and you adjust the foods you eat with each one to make sure you’re getting a baseline of nutrition as and when your energy and food stores start to dip. But then you get yourself into a routine, eating the same things day in and day out, and your body can start to suffer for it.

Unless there’s another medical reason you don’t tend to change your diet very much, make sure you try and add in some different foods here and there – kale instead of broccoli, sweet potato instead of normal potato, muesli instead of porridge etc. There’s all kinds of ingredient substitutes out there, and they all have slightly different nutrients you’ll sometimes need to soak up.

You Don’t Know what Supplements To Take

Supplements are what we turn to when we’re deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, and the doctor is concerned over our levels of it. However, if you’re already not aware of the different nutrients out there that your body needs on a daily basis, you’re going to have a hard time picking out supplement tablets from the supermarket shelf.

Here’s a quick list: You’re going to need a good dose of iron and calcium from your diet, at the very least, to make sure your blood and bones are as healthy as can be. Aside from that, you’re going to need some high dose vitamin c, if you’re someone whose immune system is forever letting them down (especially during the winter), and plenty of Vitamin D.

It’s time for you to refine your weight loss plans, and so much better for your body!

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