The Insecurities We Worry About The Most

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How secure do you feel in your own body? Maybe you can pose in the mirror and take thousands of selfies because of how great you look? Maybe you tend to scrunch your nose up a little at the acne on your forehead, and the blemishes on your cheeks? Maybe you suck your stomach in a little, and you look away before you let it all out again? Let’s face it, you’ve got some insecurities, and you’re probably a little sick of living with them.

There’s a lot of things we can feel a little sensitive about in this world, and a lot of those things are to do with our own bodies. We can look down and not feel too great about what we see or feel, and honestly? That’s a real shame! Thankfully, the older we get, the more we understand how we change, and how our feelings change, and it’s something you should absolutely look forward to!

But it doesn’t change the reality that we’re insecure about ourselves, and there are some insecurities out there that are more common than others. So let’s examine them a little below, to make sure we’re aware of how we feel about ourselves, the potential damage we could do, and ways we can look in the mirror and feel fabulous again!

There’s quite a few features on our face, how do you feel about yours? 

Our Smile

Are you someone who likes to smile? Maybe in private you’re all teeth and wide lip edges, but when you’re out in public you like to cover your mouth with your hand when you’re happy, or you keep the laughing down to simple chuckles and giggles. Is there something about your smile you don’t like?

However, one thing to remember is that our smiles are innately beautiful. They’re what allows our face to light up, and shows the whole world how joyous we’re feeling when we truly mean the smile on our face. It’s something that’s lovely to see people doing, especially if your friends or family are the ones smiling around you, and thus your own smile should follow suit.

But of course, getting over an insecurity isn’t as simple as this. There could be all kinds of reasons you feel a little ashamed of the smile you pull off, but one of the main reasons are the teeth your lips reveal underneath. Maybe they’re a little crooked, maybe they’re a little yellow, maybe one of your incisors is chipped – whatever the reason, you feel down about your teeth, so you don’t like to smile. Sure, you’ve looked into heading to a cosmetic dentist before now, but do you want to try and learn to love them first?

Our Age

The older we get, the more likely we’re going to feel insecure about the way our bodies look, and how we feel within them. Even teenagers, with their rapidly changing bodies, can feel the effects of their age! Usually, girls will feel insecure about their age much earlier compared to boys, and that’s a fact that’s good to be aware of – why do girls feel these issues earlier than boys?

Maybe it’s the hyperfocus the media has on age-defying products, with pretty (and young!) women rubbing away crow’s feet in all the adverts on TV? Maybe it’s hearing your mother talk about how she needs to get back in shape, just because she’s over 40 now? Whatever your age insecurity stemmed from, don’t worry, you can reverse the effects!

Remember that you’re alive, and you’re living in the moment, no matter what that moment is. You can go out there and do whatever you want, no matter the age you are currently, and the older you get, the more exciting your opportunities can become! You have more experience, and a body that’s been there with you all through it.

Our Weight

Weight is quite possibly the most talked about insecurity, both in personal and public circles. Every other advert we see on the TV and on ad banners online are probably advertising a brand new diet, or maybe even an appetite suppressor, and you’re simply bombarded with all these ‘solutions’ for the body you’re living in.

But all in all, there’s no one out there that can stop you from being comfortable with yourself, no matter what they say like a body that might look similar to yours! It’s something we learn to live with – our bodies won’t look like the models on Instagram, so why are they advertised to us? We learn to ignore these ‘ideals’, and start to shop for clothes we never would have considered a few years ago, and wear them without abandon. It’s a great period of your life to be in, but how do you get there first?

Maybe you reached it naturally – you woke up one morning and your first thought was how good you were feeling in your current shape. Maybe you worked hard to beat those thoughts away; with the support of friends and family, and a few compliments, you learned to love the way you looked! Maybe you did in fact get yourself into a workout routine, and you’re feeling a lot happier keeping up with it, simply because going for a run or lifting some weights expresses all that negative energy in a much healthier way!

Our Height

Maybe you’re worried about how tall you are, or maybe you’re worried about how short you are. Either way, there’s a lot of insecurity out there surrounding our height, and whether we’re shorter or taller than we should be. You can put some heels on, but walking around in them all day is going to do some serious damage to your feet! Or you can permanently wear flats, but without any arch support, there’s a good chance your back is going to have some complaints about your habit!

We grow a lot through our lives, and from the period of being a teen to a young adult, we grow the fastest. There’s not much we can really do about our heights, apart from letting ourselves grow naturally, and eating well and sleeping well to supplement that, so it’s a good thing to try and let go about.

We like to use the term ‘petite’ a lot when describing someone of below average height, and every clothes store out there is going to have a ‘tall’ section, which helps to highlight the difference. But all in all, it makes it a lot easier to shop for items that really will fit us, and are most likely to show off our figures and heights in ways we like!

Ready to Become a Little Bit More Secure?

Most of us will be! Life is littered with insecurities, whether they’re about how much money you’re making, or where your career is going, or what you look like compared to other people. And it’s realizing where these insecurities come from, and what you can do to help train yourself out of them, that’s really going to transform your life!

After all, nothing changes unless you let it, so go out there and make the most of the world you have and your place in it! Remember, you’re not the only one feeling these things, and there’s always someone to band together with if you’re really struggling. No matter how you choose to manage the issues you have, make sure you’re proactive and healthy about your methods.

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