Top Things to Consider Before Going Under the Knife

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In the age of selfies, Instagram, SnapChat and reality TV, plastic surgery has become almost as common as dying your hair. It is hard to find a photo of an actress, singer or reality star without botox, a boob job, lip fillers or a new nose and so it is no real surprise that more and more people are considering going under the knife. There could be any number of reasons why you might be looking into plastic surgery, whether it’s for health purposes, aesthetics, confidence or mental health or reconstruction after a surgery or accident, but it is not a decision you should make lightly so here are a few things you should consider first:

Make sure you know what the procedure entails.

Ask questions, questions, questions! Once the procedure is done, it’s done so better to ask all your questions beforehand. Find out how long it’s going to take, is it going to give you the results you want to achieve? What’s the recovery time?

Find out what the risks are.

No surgery is without risk, but you need to find out what they are. Will there be scars? Will there be the opportunity for tweaks if you’re not happy with the result?

Where will you have it done?

Plastic surgeries are available all over the world, and if you want to go abroad for surgery, then you must do your homework. If you pick the right destination, you could make a holiday out of it during your recovery time. Somewhere like Dubai has the sun shining all year round and is home to hospitals such as United Medical which offers a considerable range of surgeries from top surgeons or you could perhaps somewhere like America would be more to your taste as there are many reputable surgeons there too.

Are you healthy enough?

Before you have any surgery, you need to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo it. Certain health issues may prevent you from having plastic surgery; however, if you don’t disclose your entire medical history to your plastic surgeon, they can’t give you an accurate assessment.

What do you want to gain from surgery?

Is it just a change in looks or is it self-esteem you’re looking for? Speak to your surgeon about what you can expect.

What will it cost?

Plastic surgery is not cheap so make sure you can afford it and also if there’s time off work for recovery you might to be able to fund that too.

Some results may not be instant.

Different types of lip fillers, for example, don’t show up straight away, so make sure you have all this information before, so you’re not disappointed.

Don’t be ashamed.

There is no reason why you should be anyway, but do remember that surgery today is perfectly acceptable, plenty of people are doing it and are open about it. Today it’s not just women either; men are doing it too! So be proud of it, you’ve paid for it, you wanted it, and you should be happy to show off the results – you’ll be surprised how many people will ask for your surgeon’s number.

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