5 Unexpected Signs That You May Be Ill (And Your Body Is Trying To Tell You)

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We all get ill, and we know the common symptoms. Cold, flu, coughing… we’ve been there and experienced that, and we understand our bodies enough to know what is happening. Yet there are some signs of illness that we may not recognize, and understanding these things could be key to an early diagnosis. Keep an eye on any changes in your body, and speak to a doctor if you’re worried, but read on if you want to know what they may look like.

1. Visiting the bathroom more than usual

If you’re taking more frequent trips to the bathroom, don’t just ignore this change in your body. It could be indicating a whole host of issues, from prostate cancer to type 2 diabetes. Though it may not be any of these things, it’s not worth the risk of just assuming that you’re peeing more for no reason. Visit your doctor, and get the problem sorted out, especially as it may be affecting your sleep and other areas of your life.

2. Back pain

Getting back pain is commonplace for some of us. What we usually believe is that it’s caused by sleeping funny, or we’ve just pulled a muscle and we’ll be back to normal again soon. Well, that isn’t always the case, and back pain could be the result of a slipped disk, or sciatica. Visit a spine doctor if you think that your back pain is more serious than usual, and don’t just leave this, as there may be a problem that you need to get addressed.

3. Impotence

Impotence can be an embarrassing problem, and most men don’t want to talk about the side effects of this with their doctors. However, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are 60% more likely to have to make hospital trips for heart problems than those who don’t suffer from it, so don’t avoid a trip to the doctors about this, especially if you have a history of heart disease in your family. It could be your body telling you about something worse.

4. Difficulty remembering names and basic information

If you’re struggling to remember information such as names, and you can’t manage things like your finances as easily as you used to be able to, then don’t just assume that this is nothing to worry about. It could be a sign of Alzheimer’s, which attacks basic thinking and planning faculties in the early stages. It may also be indicating a thyroid problem, so remember that knowing your body, and your mind, are just as important.

5. Losing weight unintentionally

Yes, if you’ve changed your diet and exercise regime, then losing weight is probably something you’re expecting to see. Yet if you make no changes to your lifestyle and you start to lose weight, this could be a sign of something more sinister, from stomach cancer to depression. This will start to make you feel run down and weak, so make sure that you see a doctor, to identify what the problem really is.

So, there are many signs that you are ill, and your body is trying to tell you about it. Don’t overlook any changes in your body, and see a doctor if you’re worried!

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