Lean On Me: Why You Should Ask For Help

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When did humans stop believing that asking for help was a good thing? For centuries, people have leaned on each other in times of hardship and pain, drawing strength from one another so that we could be supportive when life goes that little bit wrong. As time has moved on, we’ve become a race that no longer believes that it’s okay to ask for help, instead believing that leaning on someone else makes us weak and unable to cope. It’s become hard to ask others for help for fear of judgement and ridicule, but here’s the thing: we need people. We need a group of good people in life to teach us when it’s okay to ask for help.


You’re not going to tarnish your reputation of self-assurance and strength by admitting that you need some support. You wouldn’t end up in an accident and then refuse the help of a personal injury lawyer, so why would you refuse to ask for help from friends and family? If you’re hurt, sick or simply a little lost, you need to know that you’re not alone. Your recovery depends on you feeling secure and happy, and that’s why asking for help is so important. Below, you’ll find some of the best reasons that you should ask for help from others around you.

You need a break.

You don’t need to have children to qualify for needing a little bit of respite. You need a break from the rat race and the pressures of work. Calling a friend and asking them to help you blow off some steam is a good thing, and the fact that you can do that at all is a positive thing in your life. You don’t have to burden yourself with everything in life, not when you can share the load and give your mind a break.


It’s a strength.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, contrary to popular belief! You are not going to be seen as weak because you need to lean on the people that you love. Pride is one of those things that you can afford to lose when it means including the people who love you in your problems. Asking for help is going to show your vulnerability a little, but that’s okay! It’s okay to be vulnerable with the people who love you the most.


You can make connections.

Another vital reason it’s okay to ask for help is the fact you can pave the way to new connections. Making new friends often comes from asking for help and knowing that people will be there to give you that help.

Don’t feel afraid to admit when life is getting on top of you. Instead, embrace the fact that you can’t do everything alone and know that there are people ready to catch you when you start to fall. These are the people who will support you no matter what, so you should let them!

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