Keeping Your Kids Warm And Well For The Winter

There’s a lot of damage winter can do. To your home, to your family, and to your own body. And because of this, you need to prepare your living situation for the winter season and all its ailments – get the roof checked maybe, make sure the double glazing is up to standard, start taking some vitamins in the morning for the next 3 months etc. All in all, there’s a lot to try and focus on, so let’s make it a little easier with this post: your family, whether they be young or old, need your help this year to keep them in better condition than ever before!

Your kids have minds of their own, and a lot of energy to use day in and day out, so they’re probably not all too fussed about staying healthy and hygienic – kids like to think they’re invincible! But this can cause a lot of worry for a parent, so now’s your chance to get them to be a little more proactive about how they keep themselves for the colder season. Start with tips like these.

Bundling up warm is only half of the battle! 


Teach Them, Just for Once, That They Don’t Have to Share

Sharing is usually the name of the game for kids, seeing as they probably have siblings younger than them, or friends at school, that you want them to foster some healthy relationships with. Even on Fridays, when most schools allow a show and tell period, or a ‘golden time’ half hour where they’re allowed to play with their own home toys, sharing usually makes the time a lot more fun for everyone involved.

But during the winter months, you’re going to want to keep sharing within your household, and your children’s relationships, to a minimum. There are all kinds of bugs and germs out there, and kids can carry a lot of them, and even just touching the same rules or pencils after someone else has sneezed can bring those germs straight back to your home. And whilst you can’t avoid every germ out there from coming into contact with your child, you can help them to limit this kind of exposure!

So make sure your child never shares their water bottle, and that they limit the number of hands reaching inside their lunchbox during the break time or lunch period. It’s the one time of the year, especially during school term time, where your child doesn’t have to share the things they use.


Turn Cleaning into a Game

Cleaning is something we don’t even want to do as adults, let alone as a child, and that means you’re going to need to turn the chores into something a lot more fun or engaging for your children to get on with. And that’s quite easy to do! You can put some tape around one of the tiles on your kitchen floor for them to sweep all the dust and debris into. You can set a little game, in which your children have to wipe down a particular surface as fast as possible and then dry it off again, and the winner gets a little prize from you. Or maybe you can just turn some fun music on, such as Disney songs, and all dance around the house together as you dust! The choice is yours.

And even when these chores are over, and you want to try and reinforce this kind of behavior, you can tell your children all about germs, and even get them to draw pictures of nasty little monsters that they have to use hand sanitizer to defeat! As long as the house is cleaned on a regular basis, and your children are interested in keeping the house as clean as possible, your winter will be as germ-free as it ever could be.

Cook Some Delicious, Nutritious Meals

Your kids are going to need a lot more good food inside them for the winter season, and even you will need a good top up on any vitamins and minerals you’d find it easy to consume during the rest of the year. And sure, kids can be fussy, and they can refuse to eat a lot of the food we put in front of them, but we can at least try to make the meals delicious and tasty for them to dig into!

After all, if you cook a vegetable right, it’s going to be just as nice to chow down on as the pudding they know is waiting for them in the fridge. You want the vegetables you cook to retain as much of the vitamins and minerals inside of them as possible, and steaming or boiling them usually isn’t the best way to go. Instead, you’d be better off roasting them with a little olive oil and some salt and pepper, to make sure there really is a comforting taste to be had when your kids pop the results in their mouth.

But if there’s a really fussy one amongst your kids, you can always invest in some quick and easy supplements for them to take in the morning before school. Feel free to view here for more information.


Get Them to Bed Earlier (or naps!)

Kids, often enough, don’t want to go to bed, and even when they’re yawning their heads off and their eyes are dropping, they’ll claim they’re just fine to stay up. But during the winter periods, you’re going to want them in bed earlier than usual, seeing as sleep is the best way to conserve energy, especially when the sun goes down in the mid-afternoon. Not to mention, your kids are certainly going to be less filled to the brim with energy than they were during the summer, even if they themselves don’t notice this!


Your kids cope fine with the winter already, but there’s always a little bit more work you could all do to make sure this year is one to remember!


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