Innovative Beauty Treatments You Need To Try

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I’m sure that you will already be very familiar with some of the more traditional beauty treatments that most salons offer these days. You know the kinds I’m talking about, ones such as facials, eyebrow waxing, and spray tanning. But did you know that there is a whole other side to the beauty industry – one that is made up of a load of new and modern treatments that have yet to hit the mainstream?

You might want to see if a beauty salon near you offers any of these innovative beauty treatments for you to try!



Even though you might not have heard of coolsculpting treatment just yet, you will do before long. It’s set to become one of the biggest trends in beauty treatments! It is a non-surgical procedure that helps to remove fat from those stubborn areas, such as the belly and waist. During the treatment, the fat cells in these areas will be frozen and, as a result, will the die off and you will have your shape again.



During microneedling, a beautician will use a handheld device to poke small holes into the surface of your skin. Don’t worry, though – it isn’t half as painful as what it sounds! This then creates microchannels in your skin, which can simulate the skin’s ability to heal itself. Part of that involves the creation of elastin and collagen, which are known for making the skin look smoother and free from wrinkles.



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There are so many different ways to get great eyebrows these days, from waxing to plucking. But there is one new technique that will be hitting the beauty salons near you before too long – microblading. It’s kind of like tattooing your eyebrows on as semi-permanent pigment is put under the skin to give the appearance of fuller brows.



Have you always wanted skin that is as soft as a baby’s? If so, then you need to try dermaplaning. It’s a type of exfoliation that will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface of your face. The beautician will use a small blade to gently scrape at the skin while holding it taught. Not only is this a great way to exfoliate, but it also helps to encourage the skin’s creation of collagen.

Tattoo-Removal Techniques For Acne

If you have any bad tattoos, there are now plenty of practitioners that can remove them from you using laser technologies. But did you know that this kind of technology is now being used to treat acne as well? It’s not just spots that these lasers can get rid of either – lots of women are using it as a way of dealing with any hyperpigmentation and sunspots on their face as well. You might have to see a specialist practitioner to see about getting this done. If you are interested, it’s worth asking at your beauty salon in case they can refer you to anyone.

Which one of these beauty treatments do you fancy trying?


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