Tearing Your Hair Out? Common Issues Most Moms Have With Their Kids

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Sometimes your children can drive you a little crazy. Let’s be honest. There is no harm or issue with admitting that, many mothers will feel the same way. Of course, you love them. That goes without saying. But you can often find that you feel like you are asking them to do the same things over and over again. So much so, that you will feel like you are on repeat.

It’s good to admit these things, more mothers should, and while there are so many common moans all moms will have, the problem we face is how to overcome them. Here are some of the most common issues all mums face and tips on how to overcome them or handle the situation better. You’ve got this!


Brushing their teeth and general dental care

How many times might you say “have you brushed your teeth” or “will you brush your teeth” during the day? Possibly quite a bit. It is unbelievable how children will do anything they can to avoid cleaning their teeth, whereas adults we can think of nothing more worse. However, good dental care is critical, so you may want to try and encourage your children to be more aware of their dental hygiene. You can do this by heading to the dentist, and you can read more about this online. Once they know the importance of it and had a check-up, they may be more inclined to listen to you when you ask them to do it next.


Tidying toys away

It can be tough to encourage your children to tidy away their toys. They are quite happy to get them out, make a big mess and play with their toys, but the thought of tidying them away can be the last thing on their mind. You may want to start thinking about incentivizing your children to tidy away their toys when the time comes to put them away. Maybe making it a game such as the person to put away the most toys gets a sticker or something towards a reward.


Doing chores around the home

As a family the chores and jobs around the home can seem never-ending, don’t you think? You have washing to do, rooms to clean and tidy, and as a mom, it can be hard to get everything done yourself. It can be quite the norm to allocate certain jobs to members of the family. Simple things such as emptying the dishwasher or putting clothes away. However, if you make this as part of a rewards chart, your little ones may be more inclined to do it and get them done fast and efficiently.


Keeping their bedroom tidy

A specific job that you may want to encourage is to help your child keep their bedroom tidy. It can be really difficult to encourage this, but it can be the start of teaching them responsibility. It could form as part of their daily or weekly chores, or just be the one thing they need to do. You could also make it part of other specific things such as making their beds each day or putting clothes away. Again the best advice is to incentivize it in some way and having it part of a rewards chart could be the ideal situation.


Speeding up to leave the house for school

Picture the scene for a moment. You are trying to get your little ones out the door to school or nursery, and the phrases you say consistently will be “put your shoes on” and “put your coat on” but yet they seem incapable of doing these tasks at speed. If you have problems in the morning, the best advice would be to give yourself more time. It can be hard to dial it up a notch with speed when your children are not helping the situation. So giving yourself the best offense is your best defense and time is going to help you with that.


Eating their meals and trying new things

Many moms will agree that the meal time can be one of the most difficult times of the day. Encouraging children to eat or even try new foods can be hard work, and you can often end up tearing your hair out with the situation as they refuse to eat a meal you have spent time and lovingly prepared. However, a great tip would be to make it fun. Picnic meals are a fabulous way to encourage children to try new things, and also taste tests can be quite fun as well. It can be something that the whole family can get involved with.


Going to bed

You know the feeling. It is getting late, you are tired yourself, and you’re willing your children to go to bed. But they are refusing, or worst still seem to have become hyper and overtired all of a sudden. The bedtime battle can feel like an uphill climb. But, a decent bedtime routine can start to take all the stress away. It could begin with a bath. It could be a warm drink and a book. But you are setting the expectation that bedtime is on its way. Rather than it being a surprise, children will begin to relax, and bedtime will get easier. Like anything though, new routines can take time to be adjusted to, so consistency with it is key.


Staying asleep at night

Finally, are your little ones always waking in the night? Do they want drinks, have had nightmares or need the bathroom? If this sounds like your children or has become a consistent thing, then the best advice would be to avoid anything that could trigger these wake ups before bed. Avoid drinks before bed and head to the bathroom so that a toilet visit won’t be needed in the night. Nightmares can be hard to combat, but reading before bed and ensuring that you have a positive conversation can encourage their thoughts to be less troublesome as they fall asleep.

Being a parent is hard work, but in the end, it can all be worthwhile.

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