Baby Body: The Unexpected Changes Pregnancy Can Bring

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting parts of life for most people. This landmark occasion will be the start of a new life, with the early stages of your family taking root. Of course, though, it won’t all be sunshine and rainbows, as most mothers will have to deal with some bodily changes which they may not have expected. To help you through this, this post will be exploring some of these changes, along with some tips which will help you to counteract them. This should give any mom the tools they need to get their old body back.


Weight Gain

When you have a child inside you, it will be crucial that you gain some weight to help to support them. This is a big part of the reason most prospective mothers will crave various foods during their pregnancy and is one of the key areas which they will want to address once the little one is born. Thankfully, there are loads of ways to get yourself back in shape, even when you have a little one to look after. Spending the time during their naps working on your body is a great way to give yourself the chance for a workout. Of course, though, you should also look up some of the best exercises to do after pregnancy.



As you’ve almost certainly seen before, a pregnant woman’s body is very different to someone who isn’t having a child. With a whole human being on the inside, it makes sense that your belly will swell a little bit during this process, but a lot of people don’t expect the scarring which this can leave behind. Stretch marks can make it uncomfortable to wear certain clothing, leaving those who have them without the confidence to expose their bodies. There are loads of methods which can be used to heal scarring like this, with moisturizers and creams being very effective.


Muscle Separation

Some of the changes new moms will face aren’t quite so visible, with the inside of your body bearing the brunt of the pregnancy process. Issues like muscle separation don’t often cause a huge amount of discomfort, with conditions like postpartum stomach resulting in minor back pain at its worse. To get over these issues, a little bit of exercise can be done, strengthening your abs and closing up any gaps. It’s always a good idea to do some exercise when you’ve just gone through a process like this, with the changes your body has to face being hard to deal with without the right work.


Toilet Troubles

This next area is one which a lot of moms don’t talk about. Thanks to its personal nature, talking about going to the toilet isn’t something which people will often do, making it hard for new parents to predict the changes which can occur in this area. Having something as large as a baby traveling through your body can leave you with some challenges at the end of it. One of these challenges will become obvious when it comes to your ability to hold in urine, with a lot of moms noticing this area becomes significantly hard to control. This will get worse if you have more than one child (haha. I have three!) but can be helped with some exercises which work on this part of your body.

Swollen Feet

There are a lot of changes which will start to show themselves during the pregnancy itself, and they might not go once the baby is born. Having swollen feet, for example, is something which a lot of new mothers will suffer from. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they will always stay this way, but, if they do, you need to know how to handle it. A doctor will be the best place to go when you’re worried about something like this. Having a condition which causes this symptom will often only be made worse if you wait to help. This makes it important to go as soon as you can.


Mood Swings

Pregnancy impacts your hormonal balance like almost nothing else in life. The chemicals your body is producing during this time will be very different from those found in normal people, and this can last long after the baby is born. This can often make it hard for new moms to control their emotions for a short period after the child is born, with mood swings being commonplace, and a lot of the weight of this change being carried by those you live with. If your mood swings turn into more it may be postpartum depression. Read more about postpartum depression by clicking here.  



This next change is something which a lot of people will be very happy with, and isn’t something which you need to be worried about, but, rather, is one which can be enjoyed. Once you have stopped having a small human rely on your body to keep themselves alive, you will quickly notice the leap in fitness. It will be easier to do normal things, giving you the chance to properly make the most of your time with the little one, while also making it important to keep working on this area. Staying fit will mean having to keep active, and this is something which a lot of people will struggle with.


Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling a little bit better prepared for the changes you will face during pregnancy. Some moms will go through a lot more than others during this process, and you may not have anything to worry about when you get to the end of it. If you’re very different at the end of it, though, this isn’t a problem, either. At this point, you need only work on the areas which you aren’t comfortable with, making a change in the other direction. There are very few things which will permanently impact your body and the way it looks.

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