Dressing Your Son For A School Dance

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As children grow up, they tend to get embarrassed by their parents whenever they’re in front of their friends. Hey, don’t get mad at them, we used to do that too. But we all know we felt like we had a reason. It wasn’t to be nasty or just fit in with the other kids. It was due to the fact that our parents were just square, didn’t understand our fashion culture as children and youths. It’s a shame really because when we grow up to be adults, remembering back at our time we now realize that gap could have been bridged. If only our parents somehow gave us things from their culture, that could make sense to us. This is why bicycles are such a giant in the realm of children and parents. We all love to learn how to ride a bike and have one of our own when we’re kids. Parents teaching us this skill with whatever is the latest design of a bike at the time smoothly fits in with our and their way of life. It’s a pastime that isn’t quite past.



Posture and shoulders 

Give your son a formal shirt, also known as a dress shirt. A plain white shirt goes well with anything worn over it. Not only does it look crisp when worn with a suit or jacket, it’s a symbol of manhood. Clean, smart and well-fitted, he will feel like a man with a purpose. The shoulders should be slightly slim fitted, but the chest and waist can be loose. Shoulders back and back straight, it gives any man or boy the confidence to be more outgoing. A big mental boost, looking great in a dress shirt is something every young man should do for their first dance night.



The centerpiece

Any centerpiece of a suit or formal attire is the tie. First of all, whether you’re the mother or father, you have to realize why the tie is so important. It’s the piece of clothing that sits high and in the center. Connected to the head, it sits over the chest and goes down to the waist. Being straight, firm and fitted well to the wearer, it’s a symbol of a respectable, sharp-dressed and trustworthy man. Have your son look over the John Henric ties collection and see which one he likes, and make the decision to pick the one that goes with his style, but also the clothes he’s got to work with. Navy blue is the most popular of the colors for suits and ties, so check out the navy blue mini parsley tie. If he wants something a little less serious, check out the LT blue orange floral tie. You could also have his tie match his date’s attire. (If there is a date involved).


When it’s your son’s school dance night and he is getting ready to get a little more informal with the opposite sex, what can we pass onto him? The ability to appreciate how to dress like a man, and giving him the confidence to be more of his true self is a gift all parents need to give their son.

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