Don’t Let Your Kids Walk To School Alone Before Reading This

One of the first tastes of independence that your child will get is being able to walk to school on their own. Now I know what you’re thinking, yes I homeschool, but I see numerous dangerous walking to school situations and I want parents and children to be prepared.  Most children love knowing that they have reached this age at which they are expected to be responsible and really relish in the walk to school either on their own or with friends. However, for parents, it can be something else altogether. For most parents, the first time their child walks to school on their own can be very stressful and nerve-wracking. Even though you know they are totally safe, it can still be difficult not to worry.

One way you can settle your worries, though, is to read through these great tips.


Decide What Age

One of the most important points to start off with is deciding at what age your child can walk to school alone. Obviously, this is going to depend on the individual child as some will be maturer at younger ages than others. I’ve seen kids as young as five walking to school (which I don’t recommend). Most parents agree that children should be ok to walk to and from school unsupervised once they reach the age of ten.


Walk The Route With Them To Practice

You will probably have walked the route to school hundreds of times with your child already. If you haven’t, though, then it’s worth walking it a few times so that they know exactly where to go. For instance, this is important if you have only ever driven them to school or gone with them on public transport.


Stop, Look, Listen

Don’t forget to teach your children important road safety too. Pedestrian accidents are very common in urban areas, and you can find out more at The Law Office of William W. Hurst. To ensure that your child is safe on their way to school, you need to tell them that they have to always stop, look, and listen before they cross a road. That way, they’ll be able to tell if it is safe to cross over.


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Ban Mobile Phones

Your child probably won’t be allowed to take a mobile phone into school, so it’s a good idea to ban them from the morning walk as well. Children can easily become absorbed in devices, and if they use a phone while they are walking, they might not look where they are going. They might trip over or even wander into the middle of the road on accident. Make sure they have some form of communication in case of weird incidences or accidents. 


Teach Them Where To Cross

You should teach your child where to cross the road. For example, at traffic lights and wherever there are any islands in the middle of the road. These are safer to cross at, as there will be measures in place to slow down or stop the traffic.


Wear Reflectives In Winter

When the winter comes, you need to make your child wear reflectives for their walk to school. This makes them a lot more visible to traffic and other road users.


As you can see, there are a few ways you can make your child safer on their walk to school!

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