Stop Talking, Start Acting: Overhauling Your Life With These Steps

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Did you know that you could change your whole life in the course of a weekend? When you’re working 9 to 5 in a job that’s only okay, you spend your whole life looking forward to Friday. Friday signifies the weekend is here. It means that the slog of the office is over for another week and you can retreat to your home comforts. When you’re overworked, overwhelmed and in desperate need of some peace, it’s not the weekend that you need to help you out. It’s an entire overhaul of your life. How can you get through the weekend feeling that dreadful trepidation about Monday? How can you bear the worry that you are going to stress out again when the new working day begins? The answer is that you can’t, and you shouldn’t, either.

Life is not supposed to be that hard. It’s supposed to be something that you enjoy, and if you’re not enjoying it, you need to change it. From the job that you do to the choices in your wardrobe, everything in your life needs a shake up and you can start right now. Your career could be stressing you out, which could be manifesting physically and making your immune system sink through the floor, which is the very reason you need to shake up your career. Some fashion decisions may not be the best decision for your health, which is the very reason your wardrobe choices need a change. You have a weekend to start making a difference to your own life, and you don’t have to wait around for next month or a New Year, either.

Beauty regimes.

Did you know that your bathroom and dressing table being cluttered with half-empty pots or expired makeup pots can make you stressed out? Also, putting expired or old products on your skin is going to cause you some issues, which is going to affect your health in a subtle way but over time will build up to cause more issues than necessary. Mini makeovers begin with cleaning out the clutter, so if you have any products in your bathroom that have not been used up in the last three months, get them in the bin. According to the FDA, you can actually risk permanent blindness with old makeup, and it’s just not worth the risk when you can go out and refresh your look. You do have to get ruthless with it, though, because you could be the person that likes to hang onto things, and if you are, you need to let go.

Food and exercise.

If you’re living off junk food and not moving as much as you should, you’re going to be affecting your health in a bad way. You don’t have to feel sluggish every day, not when you could be choosing to take half an hour out of your day for a brisk walk. Exercising isn’t supposed to be something that you dread, but something that makes you feel good. If the idea of hitting the gym fills you with terror, then take baby steps. Head onto YouTube and check out HIIT workouts for something high pace or get one of the beginner Yoga workouts for a slowed down workout. Ease yourself into it; change is good, but it doesn’t have to hurt. Once you’ve sorted your plan for exercise, start working on your eating habits. Junk food is delicious if it wasn’t people wouldn’t eat it in abundance. However, you can still enjoy the food that you love – just in moderation. Check out some healthy recipes of your favorite foods and just make switches that make sense for you. Food is fuel, it gets you going and gives you energy. Moving away from negative mindsets can help you to overcome any depression or issues surrounding your eating habits.


You know that you probably have items in your wardrobe that you’ve been hanging on to for years, but it’s time to let them go. To be able to be a new version of yourself, you need to actually wear things to show that you are doing things that are new for you. What you need to do is try on each item of clothing, and if you don’t feel like a knockout 10 out of 10 while you’re wearing it, then you need to get rid of it. It doesn’t matter whether they’re out of trend or out of season, keep what you love and know that you own it. This can do wonders for your attitude to yourself and life. The better you feel, the more confidence you have and the happier you will be.

Job life. 

Is your job making you happy or is your job causing you heartache? When you spend the week looking forward to the weekend because you hate your job, you’re going to find that you are in the wrong job. You could be in the right career, of course, but if the company that you work for is making you miserable, then you shouldn’t be working there. It may be difficult to actually leave a company that pays your wages. What you need to do is sit down and think about what you truly want from your life. Are you happy in your career and your level that you are working at? Why not? What do you want instead? When you’ve got that list, start redoing your resume and looking into education so that you can implement the changes that you so desperately want.

Life is not supposed to be this hard. The question is whether you are willing to stop talking and take some action, or whether you plan to let it be hard for the rest of your life. I know what I’d choose, and it’s not to waste the time I have.

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