Men’s Soap Company Review. (From a man and a woman!)


This post is sponsored but as always the opinions are my own.

My hubby has been on a mission to find a shaving soap that he LOVES. He is picky and when I say picky I mean it. So I recently asked my husband to try this new Lavander scented shaving soap. I wanted to know how it worked and see if it was gentle enough to use on my own body. (Who cares if it says for men? haha). 


About Men’s Soap Company

Their soaps are handmade in the USA, vegan, and toxin and paraben free. They use gentle ingredients (why we initially wanted to try them) that are great for various skin types oily, sensitive, combination, etc. 

Hubby’s Results:

 He waited two weeks (even though it doesn’t look like it. Lol) to shave and then decided to use the soap. 





-Inviting smell. 

-Easy to use. 


-Thicker than he is used to. 

-Needed to use a brush to effectively use. 

Rate: 9/10 

Comments: “Feels similar to a bar of soap, although it was a lot softer and helps the blades slide with easy precision.”

I asked him for a serious picture. If this doesn’t tell you about him, I don’t know what will. Haha. 

My results:

I also decided to use the shaving soap, and boy was I impressed. Of course, this product is marketed toward men, but I needed to know personally. After all, how can I give you guys an adequate review without me actually reviewing the product? I’ll be honest with you, I was skeptical. My skin is extremely sensitive and I expected a breakout or at the least some skin irritation. To my surprise, it worked as promised (if not better). 


-Smell. (SO good)

-Gentle. (with my sensitive skin I am always nervous about trying new skin related products.)

-Very soft. 



Rate: 10/10.

I can tell you that it will be a fight over the new shaving soap in our house! Be sure to check it out to try for yourself. Their website has a nice lathering tutorial on different methods to use and create lather from a shaving soap, which I’m going to try once I have a brush.


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