Preparing Your Kids For College

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Watching your kids go to college can be a proud moment, however, you’ll want to ensure that they’re prepared. College is a huge change of environment and gaining access onto a course isn’t easy. Here are just several ways to get your kids ready for college.


Prep for Independent Living.

If your kid is going to be studying on campus, it’s likely they’ll have to leave home and learn to live independently. Whether they’re in a college-owned dormitory or a shared property, they’ll need to be able to do all of their own cooking, washing, and cleaning. Make sure that they can handle these household tasks – if you cook all the meals, it could be worth letting them do some cooking one evening to put their skills to the test. Similarly, you should get them to do their own washing – there’s nothing more embarrassing than going to college and not knowing how to use a washing machine!  

Furniture Check.

Whilst some student accommodation may come ready furnished, there may still be small extras that you need to buy. This could include pots and pans, plates, cutlery, cups and other kitchen appliances. Make a checklist and start buying all these items. Your kid will most likely be sharing accommodation with other students – if they know who these people are before going to college, it could be worth getting your kid to contact these other people to see what they’re planning on bringing, otherwise you could end up with several microwaves. They’ll also need to buy basic supplies such as toilet paper, garbage bags and washing up liquid, however, it’s possible they want to buy this when they arrive.   


Meeting Their Grades. 

If your child is still yet to get the grades and be accepted into college, consider whether they need any help with their education. It could be worth signing them up to an AP Capstone program or getting them a tutor if they’re struggling or if they’ve got their sights set on a specific college with high requirements. Ask your kid how they’re getting on and whether they would like this extra help.

Understand the Financial Implications.

Even with a student loan and grant, your child may still get into financial difficulties – grants are often not enough to truly live on. Be prepared to offer some financial assistance or encourage your child to take up a part-time job as they study if this is not possible. Your child may want to arrange an overdraft with their bank – certain banks offer student overdrafts in which there are no interest charges. Organizations such as NAFSA can be worth contacting if you need extra financial aid.


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  1. Great points for parents to consider! My eldest is in university, and was living independently prior to that. One of the things that has helped her feel confident on her own is having all the skills she needs to live by herself. One consideration to add is teaching not only cooking, but also meal planning. It’ll help with their budgeting when finances are tight.

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