Parenting 101: Mastering The Art Of Saying No

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Ask anyone without kids what they think the hardest job in the world is and they might say something like a brain surgeon, a bomb disposal expert or a mathematics professor. Little do they know that the moment you welcome a new little human being into your life, you have taken on the trickiest job known to humankind.

Parenthood, while not strictly a job, is a full-time commitment to loving, nurturing and protecting another life. Your little darlings will be the apple of your eye, they will learn how to twist you around their little finger, and you will want to give them the world. However much you want to provide for your little ones, there will be a time when it will become necessary to say no. Even when they are extremely upset. 

Spoiling: how to prevent it.  

Saying no shouldn’t simply be as a result of not having the money, time, or means to give something to your children. Always giving into demands and purchasing the latest games console, smartphone, and technological wizardry for your little cherubs will lead to complacency, laziness and a sense of entitlement for your kids. You might end up with spoiled children making unreasonable demands and throwing tantrums when things don’t go their way.

Instead, you need to instill a sense of respect and learning the value of money by being a responsible parent. If your kids can appreciate that money doesn’t grow on trees and comprehend the effort that you put into providing for the family, this will ensure that your offspring grow up wiser, more financially astute, and more grounded.


The challenges of adolescence. 

As your children morph from sweet angels into awkward adolescents, you may find your home becoming a hormonal pit leading to a tense atmosphere. This is when peer pressure from school can set in, your little darlings are no longer so little and yearn for popularity both at school and online, and they may want more material items to keep up with their pals. If they are keen on having a big ticket item such as a car to learn how to drive in, don’t simply give in and take them to the nearest showroom and give them the keys to a swanky new four-wheeled car.

Rather than just give them what they want, encourage them to work for what they desire. You could check out these car loan rates and commit to paying for half of the car if they can come up with the money for the other half. This might involve them getting a part-time job or selling some of their clutter to raise the cash. A situation like this can really teach your child the value of money and allow them to appreciate how they cannot always get everything they want the instant they request it.

Mastering the art of saying no can be tough especially when you want to fulfill the needs and wants of your kids. However, by following this guide, you can instill a new sense of financial awareness, an appreciation for money, and a more levelheaded attitude within your little darlings.

Parenting is without a doubt difficult, and it can be challenging to see the benefit while they are young. Just remeber, you are making members of society and it will pay off. 


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