4 Ways To Save Money On Electronics

We can use technology for an awful lot these days. I know my family does (my son is homeschooled online and I work from home on the computer). Almost all people have a phone and a computer in our households, something that was still quite contentious in the 90s, and nowadays we couldn’t imagine life without them! That means you’ve probably spent quite a lot on your technological side of life, and you’re possibly regretting that considering how much these items can break down or start malfunctioning.

But you can still save yourself some money here. We try not to spend a lot of money on technology because we measure happiness in experiences, not things. However, if you’re a bit of a techie, and you’re always out for the biggest and best new models on the market, make sure you’ve never thrown down too much money that you won’t get back! Here’s a couple of tips to start using.


Know the Common Errors (and how to fix them)

If you’re someone who never seems to be out of the Apple store because your charger just won’t connect to your phone, no matter what you do, don’t immediately go out to buy a new model. You’re going to want to do some investigating first, and see what’s actually causing the problem yourself. And thankfully, there’s a lot of help online out there for you to do just that.


Recycle Your Old Pieces

If any old phones or laptops are still in good condition, be sure to sell them off to get some of your money back and to get another person a cheaper deal on an upgrade. You can find out some good shops to sell electronics locally here. But if the pieces you have strewn about the house are completely defunct and aren’t serviced anymore, you’re going to want to recycle them and clear a bit of their carbon footprint out of your house.


Buy Off Brand Accessories

The charging cord alone can cost you a pretty penny if you buy it from the same brand you’ve got your phone, and truth be told, you don’t need to do this! A bigger price tag is no guarantee of quality, and there’s plenty of reviews out there that prove it. Our family has found this out on numerous occasions.  So in your bid to save some money, make sure to go shopping amongst basic brands and the like for chargers that are going to last twice as long without getting all turtleneck and broken!

Wait for a Sale

If you’re someone who loves to buy into the tech field, you probably already know about when the prices fluctuate. And that means you should shop accordingly, even if it means waiting another 3 months or so for the new iPhone! You’re going to shave off a lot of the excess pennies that these new models don’t even need to cost, and you might even be able to cut a deal that involves receiving phone cases and a longer time on a contract as well. We are currently waiting for several electronic devices to lower in price. It is truly worth it. 


Saving money on a techie lifestyle can be much simpler than you might think! Put some time and effort in, literally, and sock the rest of the money you would have used into your savings( for travel of course)! ♥



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