Your Dentist Doesn’t Feel The Fruit Love, And Here’s Why…

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When we embark on a healthy diet, fruit often becomes a staple food choice. It replaces those full-fat desserts and takes the place of crisps and choccies at snack time. You may even opt to start your day with fruit salads or fresh slices of melon. All the better for getting that sugar fix without risking your health at the same time.

But, while no one can deny that fruit is fantastic for overall health, your dentist might have a thing or two to say if you go overboard. After all, fruit can do as much destruction to your teeth as chocolate can to your waist.

Does that mean you should quit choosing fruit over processed sugars? Of course not. But, it does mean you need to up your dental regime in keeping with your increased consumption. If you’re unsure why read on to find out about the damage fruit could do.

Acid content

Dentists have been pushing this point for years, but have you been listening? Most fruits have pretty high acid content, and that can cause havoc to your gnashers. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, any food with a pH level under 7 has high levels of acid. When you consider that fruits like limes have a 2.00-2.80 rating, it’s no surprise this is an issue. All that acid wears away at tooth enamel, ultimately leading to dental erosion. Not ideal. So, what can you do? In most cases, dentists advise rinsing after eating and waiting at least half an hour before brushing. It’s also well worth reaching for lesser offenders like cantaloupe melons, which come in with a pH of 6.13 – 6.58.


Tough stuff

Some fruits, like apples and pears, can be tough to eat. It isn’t unusual for those with already loose teeth to suffer from eating these. Even if you’ve had treatments in the past, biting down on an apple could crumble those reinforcements. One minute, you’ll be sitting down to enjoy a healthy snack, the next you’ll be battling between same day crowns versus traditional crowns. Even though a same day crown could see you patched up in quick time, no one likes rushed visits to the dentist. Your bank balance would certainly suffer for it. The answer? Bear the health of your teeth in mind before tucking in. If you’ve had work or think you need it, consider cutting tougher fruits into manageable chunks.

Sugar content

Let us not forget that fruits contain vast amounts of sugar. That’s not usually an issue healthwise. These are natural sugars and all part of the good stuff. But, they can still pose problems for your teeth. Like any other sugar, they can ultimately lead to cavities and a need for fillings. So, what can you do? Remember that all things are good in moderation. Don’t pack the fruit and think it’s all good for you. Instead, keep it as a sweet treat you don’t divulge in more than a few times a day.

How do you feel about your fruit consumption? 


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