Emergency Gastroenterology Trip.


If you have not been in the loop, my daughter (born 9 weeks premature) has had vomiting issues since birth. She could not have my breast milk and was placed on an added rice formula to help her gain weight. Well once we stopped formula and transitioned to milk she began to lose weight. We were extremely concerned when she fell off the growth curve and landed in a hospital three hours away. 

What happened?

One afternoon our daughter was way more lethargic than usual. I called her doctor and said something needed to be done and it needed to be done now. It had been going on for far too long and her medication (Omeprazole for acid reflux) was not helping. The doctor called UNMH in Albuquerque and got as an emergency appointment for the next day.


We met with an amazing pediatric gastroenterologist who flat out said: “We don’t know whats wrong with Hayden, but we are going to do our best to find out.” He was so proactive and helpful. Hayden was admitted to the hospital. 


She was given an endoscopy to see if there was any narrowing of her esophagus or if there were any other issues we could not see by the naked eye. The endoscopy turned out great and he took several biopsies of the area to see if there were any allergies on a cellular level. 

Diet Change:

We had been told a month prior to cut dairy out of Hayden’s diet. Without much success, we continued to cut dairy because we had no other leads to go on. Her gastroenterologist ordered us to stop soy in addition to dairy and see if that helped. Sure enough, we noticed an improvement in her eating and less spitting up.


So right now we are fairly certain she is allergic to dairy and soy or just soy. We have to meet with a dietician and an allergy specialist to find out for sure. So until those appointments, we have changed our eating habits and Hayden is thriving without dairy or soy. 

Weight Gain:

Pretty girl has gained three pounds and is looking healthier every day.

Foods She Can’t Eat:

This list is long. You wouldn’t believe how many things contain dairy and soy. From cereal to bread to cookies and cakes.

Foods She Can Eat:

Right now she eats meats, veggies, and fruits. We also go to the natural grocery store to find certain alternatives that dairy and soy free like ice cream and chicken nuggets. 

Whats the Plan:

For right now we are going to keep doing what we are doing. She is gaining weight and eating a healthy combination of foods. We have appointments with the dietician and the allergy specialist coming up so we will know more then. Our goal is to accommodate her eating needs in the best ways we can.

A note on UNMH:

Wow was this hospital astounding. We had great medical personnel the whole time, and the pediatrics unit was impressive. There were so many cool things for Hayden to do when she was feeling up to it. So thank you, donors of the hospital, for allowing kids to have a home away from home. 

This hospital had a marvelous outdoor play area.

Remeber to always follow your gut as a parent and don’t let doctors or other healthcare professionals doubt your knowledge about your child.

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