Can You Have A Chic Home When You Have A Child?

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Once, in that hilarious show Birds of a Feather, (remember that?) Dorien comments that you can either have kids or cream carpets in your house, but not both! Now, I’m not saying she’s right, but there is a particular idea going around that it can be hard to have a chic home once your little one arrives. Of course, nothing is particularly easy once you have a screaming baby or toddler to look after, but there are some ways that you can keep your home looking as chic as possible, even after becoming a mama. Just read on to find out what they are.


Enough storage in every room and then add some more.

Storage is the key to keeping things chic when you are a parent. Everything does need a place to live and to be returned to this place whenever possible.  

Of course, this isn’t enough on its own because you will find that once you have kids things start to spread and multiply all over the house! Yes, that’s right, you will find a blankie in the bathroom, a baby bottle in the hall, and some Lego in the kitchen. Usually with your feet! Ouch!

Luckily, there’s a way to keep on top of this chaos and maintain a more chic and tranquil looking home, and it’s to have additional storage boxes or baskets in each room, as well as by the stairs.



In fact, reed baskets in a Moroccan style are super on trend right now and make the perfect place to pop those Peppa Pig figures, so they don’t end up cluttering up your living room. Of course, periodically you will need to clear these containers out and return these items to their proper home. That is where the stair basket comes in.

Yes, that’s right by having a basket at the bottom the stairs you can use it to place items that need to be taken upstairs. Once it’s full, you can do that without having to do a separate run for every little thing. Then it can be placed at the top of the stairs, in a safe position, of course, and you can do the same for things that need to go to the ground floor.

It’s a simple tactic, I know, but it works in term of not allowing the kid’s clutter to overtake your living space and keeping things as chic as possible.


Keep the kids’ room chic.

Kids rooms don’t have to be chaotic messes of color and toys. In fact, if you check out the guidance on design site like Pinterest, you will see plenty of classy and chic children’s bedroom designs that still retain a sense of fun, while fitting in with the rest of your home’s decor.

Of course, to achieve this look, you will need to invest in the coolest furniture for kids you can find, but that is still child appropriate and fun. One way to do this is to use a fun style bed as the central focus for the room. Luckily, as these now come it’s all sort of crazy designs such as teepees, tents, tree houses, and even one with built-in slides this won’t be too tough.

Just be sure to eschew the bright primary colors if staying chic if your main aim, and go for items that are created in pastels, or neutrals shades instead.  


Get the right carpet.

It is worth going back to Dorian’s point about the cream carpets here, as while light neutrals on the floor can look super chic, you may have trouble keeping them that way with a toddler in the house. After all, they are still developing their motor skills, and so there will be split milkshakes and juice, and even maybe a leaky felt tip or two to deal with.



However, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to sacrifice your cream carpets as long as you go for the right product in the first place. In fact, there are now carpets that are created to be able to withstand heavy spot cleaning and bleaching without removing any of the original tone or color.  Something that you may be very grateful for if you find a half-eaten and melted chocolate bar under the sofa, one day.



Then, there are other flooring options to consider that are just as chic, but also super practical. Hardwood floors remain hugely popular partly because of their sophisticated look, and partly because of their excellent durability, with it being possible to remove marks and scraps by buffing them out. They are also super easy to keep clean with a quick pass with a hoover, something that can make your day if you are a busy working mum with little time to spare.


Keep delicate or dangerous items out of reach.

Often when we think of chic home decorations, they are small curios that we certainly wouldn’t want the kids to get their little hands on. Both because of the safety factor and because they will, let’s be honest, probably wreck them.

With that in mind, it can be useful to install some shelves to display items like this out of reach of the kids. In fact, there are a lot of great options that you can consider, one being the old French printing press trays that have many tiny compartments from around 2 to 5 cms. You can even get these in their original condition in online vintage stores and auction sites, and all it takes is a quick coat of spray paint to match them in with the decor you already have.

Then there are the super cute cloud styles shelves that shops like Flyer Tiger offer. You get a pack of two for around $17 in different sizes, and they make a bright and breezy addition to either your child’s room or anywhere else in the house.

Lastly, pictures shelves are another option that you may wish to consider for this purpose. They are unlike regular shelving units because they have front and back support and usually a channel when you can rest framed images as well.


These added features make them a little more safe and sturdy, because even if they do get knocked it’s doubtful that a picture could fall. Something that when teamed with placing them up high can make them the perfect way to inject a little chic feel into your home, even after the kids have come along.


Playrooms can work wonders.

Lastly, those folks that have the chicest homes when they have kids all do the same thing, and it’s to provide a space in which the kids can spread out and play, but that is separate from the rest of the sibling area. This may be a playroom, conservatory, or even integrated into the kid’s bedrooms.

Of course, for this to work it needs to be close enough to the rest of the house to ensure that you can supervise the children safely, while they are playing. It’s also essential that such as room has plenty of storage so after the kids have had their fun and made a big old mess, it’s still possible to tidy it back into some form of semblance.

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