Road Trips With Kids: Keeping Them Entertained (Without Electronics)

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In this family, we travel. We love it and so do our kids, but sometimes their impatient tendencies get the best of them. After all, they are only 1, 3, and 5. It is to be expected that we will hear “Are we there yet?”, a bajillion times an hour. So, on a mission to keep my sanity while confined in a car with these little wanderers, I found these awesome products that make traveling an easier task than it used to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, electronics can be a lifesaver. I still take their tablets with us, but I try to limit their screen time and work their tiny minds in other ways.

Lacing Cards: 

My kids like to lace these and they are awesome for fine motor skills. Win-win. I found mine at Target in the “Red-dot” section for $1.00.

Felt Books: 

I have made felt books before, but they have been deteriorated by the third child. I found these awesome felt books at Target in the Red-dot section for $3.00 each. They are extremely interactive and even though my boys have done them several times it still holds their attention.

Small Art Set: 

These come in handy all the time. Even on short rides. My kids love to draw us pictures of things they see out of their car window. My oldest is also learning how to spell easy words so I can test him while we are driving. I just have to remind them not to waste their paper. I also found these in the Target Red-dot section for $3.00 each.

Books on CD: 

Now, because our family uses our cars CD player for this, it can be annoying for parents. “Mom, I want to hear The Hungry Caterpillar again.”.  After seven times you could easily be ripping your hair out, but we try to instill a love of reading so we make sacrifices. You can find books on CD at your local library or you can buy them here

Invisible Ink:

My children LOVE to color. I mean, it is a consistent favorite for them. I love invisible ink because it is mess-free coloring. I found my packs at Target for $

Gel Clings:

Does your child sit near a window? If so, gel clings are an awesome activity. They can make all kinds of pictures with them and change it up as often as they want. I found these for $5.81 at Amazon.


What are your must-haves for road trips? Leave them in the comments for me. 


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