Emergency Car Kit: What Do You REALLY Need?

In our family we love to travel. Any free chance we get, we are outta town. This can cause tension if you’re five hours from home and realize you don’t have jumper cables. Trust me, my fiance and I have been there. I created an emergency car kit to keep us on track and keep us safe while we are on the road.


This may seem weird, but let’s say you are on a trip and your 40 miles from the nearest town. Your car breaks down and your kids are hungry. I know the chance of this happening isn’t common, but I would rather us be prepared for an incident than not be.

-Canned Goods (Vienna Sausages, Spaghetti O’s, Etc.) We make sure to get canned items with an easy open top.

-Formula or boxed milk that has a long shelf life. (If you have infants or young toddlers).

-Snacks (Protein bars, crackers, goldfish).

-Water (if nothing else this is the most important).


We have three young children and accidents always have a way of finding us when we aren’t prepared for them. I take an extra change of clothing with us on trips anyways, but there are always extra clothes in the emergency box too.

– 1 outfit for each child. (Including socks).

-Diapers /underwear.

-Extra Outfit for the fiance and I.

Medicine/ First Aid Kit: 

My kit is filled with all kinds of “goodies” that I hope I don’t have to use on a trip.



-Medical Tape




-Benadryl stick


-Infants Tylenol/ Syringe

-Ice Pack


-Cough Drops

Car Safety:

This is a must in any car. Even though most of these items won’t be used frequently, or ever, they are necessary.

-Jumper cables

-Seatbelt cutter/ window breaker (kept in the center console)

-Pocket Knife

-Tool kit

-Quart of oil


-Spare Tire






This is just a combination of random items that I feel the need to take with us.

-Toilet paper

-Warm blankets


-Cigarette lighter



-Bug spray

-Baby wipes



-Hand Sanitizer


-Tooth Brushes


-Bottles/Sippy Cups

-Dollar bills and coins

Get your FREE Emergency Car Kit checklist below!

Now I do not like to live in fear, but I would rather be safe than sorry. What do you keep in your car in case of an emergency?

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