Cheap Kids Toys that Foster Learning

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In my family, we are constantly looking for fun things to do. A lot of our free time consists of being out and about or having fun at home. We love making memories so much more than we like buying toys. But, I understand that kids need their alone time and they need to be on a journey of self discovery, and that includes.. you guessed it…toys.

Toys can be so overpriced and as a mom on a budget, expensive toys are a no go. (Minus the few exceptions around Christmas and Birthdays). I have compiled a list of cheap toys your kids will love. The upside is these toys can foster growth, learning, and can be fun for the whole family.

1. Play-Doh 

I know what you’re thinking. Most parents HATE play-doh, and I get it, believe me. The mess can be unbearable, but Play-doh is such a versatile toy and can stimulate children’s overactive imaginations. In our house, play-doh is a fun (and semi-rare) treat. We all get our hands a little messy and have a blast.


2. Sidewalk Chalk

This is a fun activity that can keep your family active. You can make tasks on the sidewalk and also practice your word/color/number practice. Tell your little one to make a robot and then have them tell you a story about it. The possibilities are endless.


3. Epic!

Epic! is not a toy, but I needed to add it because the potential from Epic! is outstanding. It is the leading digital library for kids 12-years-old and younger. With instant access to 25,000 of the best books, videos, quizzes, and more, Epic! inspires a love of reading from a very early age. With a personalized book selection based on your kids’ interests, Epic! creates a virtual world for your kids to unlock their creativity and become a critical thinker. Read and learn on Epic! anytime, anywhere with your first 30 days for free .

$7.99 per month

4. Reusable Sticker Pads

These things are the best! My kids absolutely love them and they are great on road trips. It is kinda funny to see my three year old with his habitat sticker pad. He will change up the environments by putting the whales in the farm and the dinosaurs under the sea. He loves that  he can change them over and over again. There are tons of different packs too from princesses to vehicles.


5. Water Guns

I have two young boys so you can imagine the “gun” play we have in my household. I don’t care for it too much, but im starting to think little boys are born with guns on the brain. I stock up on water guns in the summer and we never seem to have enough. Haha.


6. Garden Set

This one isn’t much of a “toy”, but kids love accomplishing things. Such as, making things grow. Plus, you can eat it!


7. Aquadoodle Mat

These things are super cool. They are mess free mats that kids can draw on and the pens, filled with water, can make some neat pictures. My kids have a small one for trips, but im going to invest in the large one soon. After about 10 minutes the picture they drew disappears so they can create another masterpiece.

Small Mat- $3.50

Large  Mat- $16.99

8. Legos

Let’s be honest, legos are amazing. I absolutely love to sit and play with legos. My kids and I have made castles, turtles, and everything in between. Your imagination can run wild with legos and children need that mind stimulation. Just don’t leave them on the floor. Haha.


What are some cheap toys your family loves?

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