Lake Day With Kids.

My family and I live in a place where beaches just do not exist. Growing up in Florida that was a hard adjustment for me, but I have replaced my love of beaches with love of lakes! We try to visit lakes a few times a month with weather permitting. We had our first lake visit of this year the other day. I forgot how much goes into even a day trip to the lake. We love to visit Navajo Lake State Park. 

What we brought. 

  • Fishing poles

  • Tackle box

  • Bait

  • Cooler

    • Sandwiches

    • Mayo packets

    • Chips

    • Goldfish

    • Water

  • Camping chairs

  • Pack-n-play

  • Towels

  • Crib sheet (for the top of the pack-n-play)

  • Blankets

  • Changes of clothes

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray


  • If you have a pack-n-play you can put a crib sheet over the top and it provides shade and keeps the bugs away.

  • Reapply sunscreen every 15 to 30 minutes depending on your child’s skin.

  • If you pack sandwiches don’t put mayonnaise on them (bring your own packets).

  • Always bring EXTRA towels. (Haha learned this one from experience).


We taught the boys to fish! Okay maybe not me, but the hubby did. And boy did the kids have a blast (for the two minutes before they got bored). The water was still very cold, but the boys got in and enjoyed it for a little while. We didn’t end up catching anything on this trip, but the family fun was definitely worth it.

Remember everywhere can be a learning experience. We learned about sand, mud, fishing, and currents. We also wrote our names and letter practiced in the sand!

Next time I will be investing in a sun shade. What do you make sure to bring on a lake or beach trip? 

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  1. I can imagine the transition from you from Florida to a no beach place. I enjoy spending time at the lake myself. Thanks for sharing your day at the lake with us.

  2. Going to the lake is so fun. I remember learning to fish when I was a kid. It’ll be great when my kids are older. Love the pictures.

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