Denver Aquarium.

On an unexpected trip to Denver for a family funeral, we decided to take the kids to the Denver Aquarium. Little kids (and adults alike) can only handle so much pain when it comes to death. We all needed to do something to clear our minds and breathe. Even if it was only for a little while.

The Denver Aquarium.

Located in Downtown Denver and coming from a small town, it was a tad intense. There are so many things to do in Denver it can be overwhelming, especially on an unplanned trip. The Aquarium itself is 107,000 square feet.

You do have to pay for parking ($7.00), and be prepared for a decent line to enter the Aquarium. We waited about fifteen minutes in line. I will admit that the line moved rather quickly and the staff was extremely polite.

Once we entered, a group photo was taken. I thought this was a little weird and unexpected, but it was a nice treat to see what the pictures looked like once we were done with all of the exhibits. Although I didn’t buy them because they were expensive.

I love marine animals so I was in heaven. I think the kiddos liked it too. Haha. This was one of the most elaborate aquariums I have ever been to. There was so much detail that went into creating an “environment”. It felt authentic and inviting. The aquarium was split into regions. There were so many regions, but the ones I remember were North America, The Desert, Under the Sea, and Shipwrecked. 

Under the Sea.

I love the parts of an aquarium where you can walk under fish and you’re in a tunnel underwater. This stingray was right over my head.  I stood there like an idiot for about five minutes. I am glad that I didn’t get pictures of me walking through the aquarium. I swear I was worse than the kids, but whatever. You have to enjoy the moments you are given in this life.

There was this neat little area where kids could stand “in” the water. It was a bowl under a fish tank that children (and I guess, small adults) could stand up in. The boys loved it. There were fish that would swim right over their faces. That was a priceless moment. “Mommy look at the fish right by me”. They were very excited about this part. A lot of our already limited time was spent in this neat area. 

The tigers.

What the hell? A tiger at an aquarium. I know, it threw me off too. I saw the tiger in the middle of the aquarium and was pleasantly surprised. I thought the poor tigers were out of place, but the kids surely enjoyed seeing them. They are beautiful animals. Surrounding the Tigers is an area of “Rainforest”. Tall trees and vegetation  covered the area. This exhibit was impressive. 


The main event for most people. I loved seeing the sharks myself, but boy was this area crowded. There was information shared about the sharks over a speaker. Which helped keep the kiddos engaged. There were “holes” in the floor that allowed you to walk over the sharks and fish. My oldest was scared of the sharks. Getting him to take a picture in front f the tank was a challenge and when he finally agreed the sharks left the back drop (of course). 

My favorite part.

Jellies. Jellyfish are my favorite part of aquariums. Visiting the aquarium is no longer about me; It is about where the kiddos want to be, but lucky for me they like the jellyfish too. I was disappointed in the jellyfish area because I was expecting something larger. Of all the aquariums we have been to (even ones much smaller) this aquarium had the least amount of jellyfish. But, hey ill take what I can get. Plus, I think I have a little girl who will like jellies just as much as her momma. 


 We only had a small amount of time to explore the aquarium, but we got it all in and didn’t feel deprived. It was a lovely experience and I am glad we were able to take a breather and experience the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. The boys got to touch a stingray, and I wish I could have captured pictures of that awesome experience, but we were all way too excited to focus on pictures. It was a great visit and we enjoyed ourselves. Would I pay for us to see it again? Probably not. However, It was a great way to split up our time and get the focus off of sadness. I will post more about the unexpected trip to Denver and the funeral in blog posts to come. 

Points to remember.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to move around freely. That way you can go back and look at exhibits or just spend a decent amount of time without power walking through.

  • Pictures at an aquarium can be challenging. I didn’t take my nice camera so we relied on the pictures my phone was capable of taking. There are also several color differences and contrasts due to glass.

  • Live each day to the fullest because we never know when it will be our last one. 

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