How to Make Money Blogging.

I get asked pretty frequently how the hell do you make money blogging? The answer is not an easy one. There are various methods to making money from your blog. When I started blogging, I had no idea what those were. I couldn’t find a lot of useful information. It was like other bloggers didn’t want to share their “secrets”. After searching for awhile I came across several ways to make money blogging. However, they were not easy to navigate. I have decided to make this post because I remember how frustrated I became in an attempt to monetize my blog. So I am dishing out all of my knowledge to help an up and coming blogger like you.
If you haven’t started a blog check out my tips by clicking How to Start a Money Making Blog.

Affiliate Marketing

     1. What is it? 

Affiliate Marketing is when a retailer pays you for sales you generate off of your blog. For instance, I partner with Siteground which in turn means if someone clicks on my link to the Siteground website, and makes a purchase, I receive a small commission at no addition cost to the purchaser. Its like buying a car. The salesman who sold you the car makes a profit off of your purchase.

     2. How do you become involved with affiliate marketing? 

There are many websites who are a “middle man” for affiliate marketing. Meaning, you sign up with a website like Commission Junction, and there are thousands of companies you can apply to be an affiliate with. This is my favorite way to find a company to partner with. You can also find a company you love or that you would like to promote and email them directly.

     3. What are some affiliate marketing websites?

Click here for the Best Affiliate Marketing Sites for Bloggers.

Sponsored Posts

     1. What are they? 

Sponsored posts are blog posts you are paid to publish on your website. You should always disclose if your blog post is sponsored. A simple “This blog post was sponsored by (Agency name).”, at the end of your post is sufficient. Unless otherwise noted in your contract with the specific brand.

     2. How to find sponsored posts?

Like with affiliate marketing, you can find websites that will provide information on sponsored posts that are available for a specific brand. Sponsored posts can be an amazing asset to your blog. You can find sponsored posts by joining websites like heartbeat, Social Native, and Sway. Or you can reach out to a brand specifically. Occasionally brands that find your blog to be a good fit for a partnership will contact you. Make sure you have contact information in your blog.

     3. How much money can I make with sponsored posts? 

This is a varied amount. You can make anywhere from just exchanging a product or service to upwards of 1,000 per post. It isn’t always seasoned bloggers who make the most either. Know your worth and plan accordingly.

AD Networks

     1. What are they?

A lot of bloggers begin with ad networks. There are ads placed on your blog and for each engagement (a click through to the website of the ad), you get some cents. It doesn’t add up very fast and it takes a lot of engagement from your readers to make a decent amount of money. I myself was going to start this way, but I hated the way it made my website look.

     2. Where to find ad networks?

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks. There is also, Adsterra, and Propeller Ads to name a few.


Some bloggers sell items to make money. Ebooks are an extremely common income source. Ecourses and services are products you could sell. Other bloggers sell items such as homemade soaps, t-shirts, art, etc. The possibilities are endless if you are a creative soul or have extensive knowledge on a topic.
Hope this information helps you and good luck loves! How do you make an income or plan to make an income from your blog? 

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