Update! We are back!

Hello my beautiful followers. I know it has been quite a while since my last post. I needed to back out of the blogging world and take a slow down. I was extremely overwhelmed with what I was trying to accomplish and all that I needed to do to keep my home maintained, my kids well taken care of, and also make sure my blog was where it should be. To be short, I had run myself thin.
So while I was away:
  • We bought a new house! Yay. This had been a goal of ours for a long while.
  • Bryson (our four year old) completed his soccer season.
  • Hayden (our baby girl) turned eight months old and began eating solids (a big accomplishment from our used to be three pound preemie).
  • Bayne (our two year old) learned his abc’s and he can now count to 10 unassisted.
  • I became more relaxed with homeschooling and the outcome has been wonderful.
Me taking a break from blogging was necessary to refill my family’s cup of happiness. I have since learned many timesaving techniques and created a schedule that will suit everyone’s needs. When I started blogging I was so adamant about “being big” and making tons of money. The more I relax about my blogging, the more following I create and the more money I make. It is funny how that works. So if you follow me on instagram you will know about my break and several updated in between. You can follow us on instagram by clicking here. Here are some picture updates for you!
We are glad to be back!

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