Christmas Traditions

When it comes to Christmas time I am all about traditions. Things that will make my kids happy and they will remember for many years to come. Growing up there were several traditions that I have since passed onto my own family. Here is a list of fun Christmas traditions to try this year!

Wrap Christmas Books.

My kids have what seems like a million christmas books. So in November I round up all of the books related to Christmas and I wrap each one. On December1st, they are all placed under the tree and each child alternates picking one every night until Christmas. It is so fun and they don’t even care if they have read them before. Along the same concept of the books, we also do the same thing with movies. However, we only do about 8 movies and twice a week the kids alternate picking a movie to watch.

Write Santa a letter.

My kiddos are still rather small so I help out a great deal with this one. We pick up some Christmas stationary and we write out a list of things to ask santa for. We ask for one big thing we want, one little thing we want, one thing we need, one thing to wear, and one thing to read. It saves us from spending too much and also helps them pinpoint things they actually want.

Santa’s Hotline.

We also call Santa right before Christmas. There is a toll-free number to call and the kids can “talk” to Santa. We ask him again for the same things and it is a neat little phone call. If you are interested in the phone number, it is 1-319-527-2680.

Christmas Lights!!

This is my personal favorite. Growing up my parents had little to no money for Christmas. However, we always got to go around several times and search for the beast Christmas light display. We would drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music. So every year we go around at least six hundred three times. There is a neat house in our town that has music linked on a radio station to their light display. It is the coolest. I actually cried the first time I saw that home. Haha. Silly me I know.

Christmas Pictures.

This one is new to my family because with my ex-husband we never really did the family photo thing. I am extremely self conscious about my body and for a long time I let that control the pictures I had of me and my kids. Not anymore! I am slowly losing this weight and I refuse to skip out on pictures. One day they could be the only thing my kids have of me.

 Lazy Day.

Once it is Christmas break (or dad has a day off because Christmas Break doesn’t exist in his line of work), we stay in our cozy pajamas all day. We usually relax and bake goodies. Make some delicious food, read books, watch movies, and even play outside. Who needs to get dressed?


About a week before Christmas we go through the kids room with them. They pick out four toys they no longer play with or toys they would like to donate. (We also do this with old clothes that no longer fit). We take those toys to a donation center and make sure kids who do not have toys can then experience the joys of Christmas. It is a way to keep their toy collection low and to keep them thinking about others at the same time.

Christmas Eve Boxes.

Christmas eve is a busy day in our house! (Because of my Fiance’s job Christmas eve will actually not be on Christmas eve this year). We start out Christmas eve watching fun Christmas movies, baking cookies, and usually playing outside in the snow. Once evening rolls around, we settle in for a Christmas movie. One parent disappears and places premade Christmas Eve presents on the front porch. Not soon after we hear a “knock” on the door. The elves have left a present on their last check of children’s behavior before Santa comes! We all open the presents together. There are new pajamas, a new movie, slippers, candy, and hot chocolate. We cook the hot chocolate, put on the new pajamas, and look for Christmas lights one last time. It is fun and the kids love this tradition the most so far. 
Anything I missed that your family loves? Let me know!


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  1. We do most of these! Have you checked out portable North Pole? We do it every year and it’s so much fun. I especially love the wrapped books and pjs on Xmas eve ❤️❤️❤️

  2. We didn’t have many Christmas traditions growing up. However, since the birth of my girl last year I have been wanting to add traditions to Christmas. I love the Santa Hotline idea, definitely something to keep in mind for when she is older. Also wrapping their Christmas related books, what an amazing idea.

  3. We love decorating the Christmasr tree with lights and decoratives! There’s something about Christmas! I love the fact you are imbibing the spirit of giving or donating amongst your kids.. lovely!

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