How to Save Money at the Grocery Store.

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Money Saving is a passion of mine. Shopping for a family of five (technically only four are eating table food) can be challenging. Especially because we buy low carb foods (most of the time). So how do I shop and remain within budget?

Actually Budget.

If I say I only have 100 dollars to spend, that means 100 dollars. Everything is budgeted beforehand and that is the amount I take to the grocery store.

Meal plan.

I can not stress how important this is to our budget. I keep an eye out for weekly ads and make the best meal plan using those sale food items. You can download my FREE weekly meal plan here.


Some people are so apposed to coupons. I have never been embarrassed to use them and after I have seen what my family saves from using coupons there is no way I wouldn’t use them. I absolutely hate spending a ridiculous amount of money on the Sunday paper so I like to use The Coupon Clippers. This awesome website make it to where you can find coupons and they will be clipped and shipped to your address for you. It takes the guess work out of waiting for a particular coupon, plus it is so worth it. Check them out hereI also use a website that I can just print out coupons from my computer. It is completely free and I have found some amazing coupons. Check Coupons out here.

Cash Back.

I use several different cash back apps on my phone. When I heard of cash back I thought it was not worth it. Boy was I wrong. This month alone I have made almost $30 in cash back. My favorite cash back app is Ibotta. I find majority of my deals from this app. How does it work?
  • You review the app and see what products are eligible for a rebate. I often find any brand-any size products which are so helpful when using coupons too.
  • You add those products to your account.
  • You upload a picture of your receipt.
  • Money is credited to your account within 24-48 hours. (Mine is always faster than that!)
  • You can cash out through paypal once you hit $20. (Which doesn’t take long)
Just today I saved $4. To download the FREE Ibotta app click here. If you use my Specialized link you will receive a $10 bonus! Get your bonus here!
I also use Checkout 51. Checkout 51 works the same way they just don’t have the same selection. You can download checkout 51 here.
Checkout 51 Home

Walmart Savings Catcher.

When I shop at Walmart, which is frequently, I use the Savings Catcher. Located in the Walmart app, you will find a small icon that says Savings Catcher with an orange pig next to it. How does the Savings Catcher work?
  • Scan your Walmart Receipt.
  • The app will then search weekly ads from competitors.
  • You will receive the difference if a lower advertised price is found.
You can download the Walmart app here.

Local Farmers Markets.

My town has an amazing farmers market on Saturdays. I absolutely love the produce and it is, believe it or not, cheaper than the grocery store. Plus, the food tastes so much better. Once in awhile we go to the market and find amazing deals. It is worth checking out.
I hope you enjoy these tips and keep saving money like I have!

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