Hidden Disney Secrets.

So if you know me I am a Disney fanatic. Like I am worse than my kids. My fiance and I have never been together. However, we are in the process of planning our next vacation. I am beyond stoked. I turn into a two year old on Christmas morning. Walt Disney is a hero of mine. Plus, to see my kids faces when we arrive makes it worth the hassle of planning a Disney vacation. So to prepare me for my next Disney vacation I have compiled a list of eight neat “secrets” that have to do with Disney! (Just talking about this is getting me excited!)

1. Hidden Mickeys

A lot of people know about these hidden gems at Disney, but one of my favorite things to do is to look for the more challenging Mickeys. When you first come into Disney there are Mickeys on the ground tiles. My favorite hidden Mickey I have found so far is

on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there is a Mickey shaped hole on Fort’s Wall from canon fire. This time I will be investing in a Hidden Mickey Guide to help me and the kiddos locate some of the really challenging Mickeys. There are about 800 hidden Mickeys, can you find them all?

2. Cats

Disney has a huge mouse and rat problem. To combat this issue they took in about 100 cats to help the infestation. Disney keeps the cats in cages during the day and lets them roam the park at night. If you pay really close attention you can usually spot at least one cat during the day that hasn’t been placed back into their cage.

3. Club 33

Club 33 is an exclusive Disney membership that has a 10 year waiting list! It is extremely hard to get onto and their are strict guidelines to follow to remain a member. Such as minimum dinning prices and a strict dress code. Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square and is for members only. It is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol. There are several different membership levels including gold, platinum, executive platinum and corporate. For just the gold membership is is a $25,000 initial payment and $10,000 annually. It is said that Alec Baldwin and Christina Aguilera are members of Club 33.

4. Buttons. 

If you are at Disney you may have noticed people with various Disney buttons. There are tons of different buttons such as Newlyweds, First Visit, Happy Birthday, Just Graduated, etc. These buttons are FREE. You go to City Hall and wait in line forever or you can ask a cast member. Many people do not know that some cast members carry around buttons and you can ask them for one to avoid the long line at City-Hall!

5. Basketball Court. 

There is said to be a half basketball

court inside of the Matterhorn. Snopes (a website designed to fact check various claims and legends) has confirmed this allegation. The Matterhorn from time to time will have professional climbers scale the mountain. It is said to keep the climbers occupied when they were not outside the mountain.

6. Underground Tunnels. 

Walt Disney decided he was going to make an underground tunnel transportation system for employees. Located under the parks is a cafeteria, dressing rooms, and hair salon for employees. It has been said that this is a great way for employees to take a break without killing the magic that is Disney.

7. Skeletons. 

When Disneyland opened the Pirates of the Caribbean ride had three real skeletons on display donated by the UCLA Medical Center. Walt said the fake skeletons seemed to be just that, fake. Although these skeletons have since been replaced by fake ones, a real skull still remains on the headboard in the Captain’s Quarters.

8. Walt’s Apartment

Located above the Main Street Firehouse is Walt’s Apartment. While Disneyland was being built Walt wanted a place top stay that was away from the craziness, but also still in the park. When walt was in the apartment a lamp in the window would be left on as a fun signal to guests. Since Walt’s death the light has remained on as a tribute!


I hope you enjoy these fun “secrets” as much I have!

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