Snuza Pico Review.


When my daughter was sent home from the hospital after 47 days in the NICU, still on oxygen and having just overcome apnea spells. I needed some reassurance at night that she would be okay (or I never would have slept).  I was so used to knowing exactly how she was doing because of her monitors. I heard about the Owlet Monitor and also the Snuza Pico. We have used the Snuza Pico Monitor since the day we brought her home. Here are our thoughts…

The Snuza Pico is placed on baby’s diaper and it monitors his/her breathing rate. This product connects to your phone via bluetooth. It then displays a breath per minute rate (in real time), the baby’s temperature, and also baby’s position (back, R. side, L. side, or stomach).


  • Real time monitor.

  • You can customize the settings to meet your baby’s needs.

  • Lasts about 40 hours on a single full charge.

  • Alert system if baby stops breathing. (It also vibrates after 15 seconds of no breathing to stimulate baby and sounds an alarm that will not go off until button on Snuza is pressed).

  • Easy to place.

  • The app is easy to navigate.

  • Tells baby’s position if baby is rolling or moving at night.

  • Cheaper than other monitors.


  • Disconnects from my phone if moved out of range (sometimes disconnects for no reason).

  • Can come off of baby’s diaper, if not placed correctly, and give you false reading.

  • Needs a louder alarm.

Princess Wearing her Pico Monitor at the lake.

When we first brought our daughter home, we used this product all the time. Within a few weeks we went to using it during car rides, and at night. Now, we only use it at night. This product has given me peace of mind and helps me get a goodnight’s rest. Even with the cons we have listed above, I believe it is one of the best purchases we made for our daughter. I wish we would have had this item with my older boys. Even with a full term baby it would have been worth it.

I have used this product on my daughter for almost three months now. It is worth it in the long run to make sure that even when I can’t be watching her (like when I myself am sleeping), she is breathing and her body temperature is in normal range.

We found this product to be the cheapest at amazon while shopping around.

You can check amazon here.
Target here. 
Walmart here. 
Best buy here.

RATE: 4 out of 5.

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What do you think about this monitor or a different monitor you have used?

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