Best educational websites for FREE learning games. – This website has games for children in Pre-K to 5th grade. This website contains several categories including alphabet, numbers, strategy, and holidays. – This website is where I get majority of my printables for homeschooling. It also contains fun games for kids. My preschooler loves the math game Counting in the Kitchen. – We absolutely love PBS. So many educational shows and the games correlate with the shows. You can make a great lesson plan off of PBS. Plus, they have an app for phones and tablets. and – This site has a ton of variety in their learning games. Funbrain starts at Pre-k and goes to 8th grade. Funbrainjr starts at 2 years old and goes to kindergarten. Funbrainjr is another favorite site for printables. Funbrain not only has games, but it also contains ebooks to read and videos. – This one is a membership site, but they give you 10 free practice problems, per subject, per day. I like this site for areas that kiddos are struggling. We use this at the schools in our area to improve children’s understanding. – Pre-k through 6th grade, this site is fun! My four year old loves it. It can be a little difficult to navigate, but the games are great. – Great math resource, but it is not organized by grade. So you have to determine the games your kids are ready for. – my absolute favorite website for math games and learning. It has lessons, you can sign up to keep tract of your child’s preogress, and it is pre-k to 8th grade.


I hope this list will help you in your teaching adventure. Remember, we are our children’s first teachers.  Follow our blog for more homeschool and teaching related resources!

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