Albuquerque, New Mexico: The best milkshake.

Traveling to Albuquerque is something our family likes to do on occasion. You can find astounding restaurants, vibrant shops, and and a plethora of activities both family friendly and adult oriented. Although this specific trip revolved around doctor appointments to monitor Princess’s development, we found some time to try a new cafe. The Owl Cafe is an easy find, located off I-40 and Eubank.
As we walked in you notice there are tiny owl figurines lining a ledge located at the top of the cafe. It was clean, comfortable, and cute. This cafe serves alcohol and there are mini jukeboxes at each individual table. The cafe was surprisingly occupied, but that didn’t hinder quick and efficient service. Our waitress had superb attention to detail and made sure our dining needs were met in a timely manner.
 I ordered a club sandwich that was delicious. The bread was crispy yet soft, the turkey was fresh, and the bacon was the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy.
After dinner we split a milkshake. They have a special shake list and a vast selection of make-your-own options. We tried the “Holy Grail” which was oreo and peanut butter. It arrived to our table at the perfect consistency and you could smell not only the cookie pieces, but also the peanut butter. Although I had just ate, the shakes presentation made me hungry. I dug in quickly and realized this is the best shake I have ever had. I have been all over the United States and this shake at the Owl Cafe was the number one. There were oreo cookie chunks engulfed in peanut butter greatness. I didn’t even think to take a picture before digging in because I was under the impression it would taste like a normal milkshake. 
Our trip was a good one. Princess has reached developmental milestones above her adjusted age and we got to drink the best milkshake ever. We will definitely be returning to the Owl Cafe.

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